One of the many ways I’m upping my personal standards this year is by being very aware of how I speak to others as well as myself.

Words are extremely important and change your attitude which ultimately affects your results.

So, here is my CHALLENGE to YOU ad ME!!!

If you change only one word in your vocabulary change the word “HAVE” to “GET”! The swap out of this tiny sealing meaningless word gives you the motivation to do the things from excitement, gratitude and privilege rather than out of obligation.

This literally feels better int he brain and therefore in the body too!

Try this for yourself…

I get to serve my clients
I get to share my knowledge
I get to do my passion
I get to provide for my family
I get to make other feel beautiful
I get to invest in myself

The list goes on….

This is a beautiful to honor what you GET to accomplish in your life!

To YOUR success!